Problems with compatibility

Today my scanner arrived, a Packard Bell Diamond 1200 Plus, bought for £7.50 on eBay – bargain!  Unfortunately, despite much searching on the web, I was unable to find a Mac driver for it, which means I can only use it with my PC.  Grr.  Not a huge problem though, after all I do have a PC that doesn’t do anything most of the time, just a little frustrating that it’ll require a few extra steps to scan something – booting up my PC, scanning, then copying across to my Mac for editing and stuff.

The Diamond 1200 Plus turns out to be a rebranded Mustek BearPaw 1200CU Plus, but there don’t seem to be any Mac OS X drivers for that either.  So, a word of advice when buying second-hand peripherals for use with a Mac – check beforehand that the drivers exist!

5 thoughts on “Problems with compatibility

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  2. I bought this (useless) scanner new at PC World.
    It ays it is mac compatible and there is a Mac OS installation sheet
    … but its for OS9
    nowhere but nowehere is there a driver for OS10 that I can find !

    It seems the simple answer is not to buy Packard Bell in future as they offer no product support.


  3. You CAN use the Diamond 1200 plus scanner with a Mac running OSX which runs Classic OS and with Color It 3.0. It doesnt work with Color It 4.5 though because that only runs in Mac OSX.


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