A wet weekend

Yesterday it rained. Nothing unusual about that in itself, England generally has a lot of rain, but Colchester usually manages to avoid it. Yesterday, however, I saw plenty of the wet stuff. After an early start I met up with the Colchester Mini Club and drove up to Fakenham racecourse for the Norfolk Mini Day, which was not so much flooded with Minis as rainwater. It was fun driving along in convoy, and I bought a few odds and ends at the trade stands, but generally it was a bit of a wash-out. Still, the day was made up for by a cup of tea and a trip to the cinema – I’m easily pleased.

In the evening myself and several friends all met up at the cinema in town to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which was awesome! I had heard some less than favourable reviews, but I was happily surprised to find that the final chapter in the Pirates trilogy was superb! There were some classic lines, some intricate and complex plot devices, some excellent special effects, and some spectacular stunts too. I’ve not laughed so hard in a long time! Admittedly I usually laugh a lot at the cinema, more than most people around me, but this was incredibly funny – Captain Jack Sparrow was crazy as always and Elizabeth Swan was very strong in character, even Will Turner was a little less wet than usual!

I won’t divulge too much of the plot though, I’ll let you go and enjoy it for yourselves…

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