Blog update

Just quick note to say that I have updated my blog template to the new design I’ve been working on.  It’s not quite finished yet, and there are some links that won’t work yet, but I’m out this evening so those things will have to be added tomorrow.  The basic functionality is there though, and I’m much happier with this design than I was with the previous off-the-shelf one I tried a while back…

Anyway, once it’s all settled in, feel free to let me know what you think of it.

4 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. Very nice, although the top navigation bar could do with some rounded corners 🙂

    But I’ll leave comments until you’ve had a chance to finish it off a bit more!


  2. Actually subtle rounded corners were in the original design, and would appear on the menu tabs and the category buttons too, I just haven’t got round to putting them in yet! Yes, the squaredness does fit with the rest of it, but a very small rounded corner can help to smooth things off a little. If I can get it working I’ll see what it looks like; otherwise I’ll leave it as it is, I quite like it at the moment too!


  3. Nearly there now, all the links at the top work. Really pleased with the new functionality that’s been introduced in the comments and archives sections. Next step will be seeing if I can put some rounded corners in, but that’s not urgent!


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