A spot of refinement

Today marked a significant transition into the real world for me.  Today I bought a new car.  Not brand new, but it is a reasonably modern, normal car, unlike my beloved Mini with whom I have enjoyed many happy hours.  It’s been on the cards for some time now, for various reasons, and today finally saw that goal achieved.

The car in question is a Ford Escort.  In fact, more than that, it’s a Ford Escort Ghia X, which is pretty much as posh as Escorts ever came.  It’s got such refinements as central locking, air conditioning, electric windows, heated windscreen, 6-CD multichanger, sunroof, power steering, airbags, and even a light in the boot.  A far cry from the more simple design of the Mini.  And a lot cheaper, too.

I spent most of this afternoon outside, cleaning cars, as the Escort didn’t get a clean by the previous owner before the sale went through.  So I gave it a fairly thorough clean, inside and out, and then moved onto giving Neddy a clean too.  Unfortunately this also meant changing the wheels, as I rolled the Mini out of the garage today to discover one of the rear wheels had developed a slow puncture.  Thankfully I still had the original steel wheels in the garage, so I popped along to the nearest garage in the Escort with the Mini wheels in the boot, topped them up with air and brought them back to be fitted.  It was a bit of a shame, putting Neddy back on those skinny little wheels, but I suppose at the same time it’s a bit of a godsend that I happened to have a second car with which to get to the garage in the first place.  God provides.

So, Neddy will be put up for sale.  And Ellie and I will enjoy the luxuries of a ‘normal’ car.  I did have a Fiesta a few years ago, before Neddy came on the scene, but even that was pretty basic in comparison to this.  It’s effortless, comfortable, spacious.  At least, relative to a Mini.  It’ll certainly make long distance journies easier to cope with, and will mean that I can ferry people around more easily and without them having to squeeze their way awkwardly past the front seat.  And it means we’ll be able to put a baby seat in the back, when the time comes.  And transport multiple instruments around more easily.

I’ll put some photos up in due course.  I’ll have to take some photos of Neddy anyway, to put in the adverts, but I’ll take some of the Escort as well, for reference as much as anything else.  It may not be as fun, and I’ll no doubt miss driving the Mini very soon, but I suppose it’s all just part of the process of growing up – I can no longer think just of myself.  Hello world, I’m one of you now.

5 thoughts on “A spot of refinement

  1. and will mean that I can ferry people around more easily and without them having to squeeze their way awkwardly past the front seat

    Does this mean we won’t have to give people so many lifts? 😉

    I felt really sad reading that post, Matthew, knowing how much you love Minis! I’m sure that, one day, you will be able to have a Mini again. But still, doesn’t the real world suck sometimes!


  2. Yes, tis a shame, but I have every intention of buying another Mini as soon as I am able. The plan is to buy something cheap and do it up, once I have some spare driveway on which to keep it, and some spare time in which to do it, and some spare money with which to pay for it… could be a while then!


  3. Neddy is now officially for sale, having been put on the Autotrader web site and a couple of Mini forums. Very sad. Just have to hope and pray for some nice person to come and buy him and look after him…


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