The Competition

I remember when I first started blogging.  My friend Phill was responsible for starting me off, back when we were at uni together.  He had a blog, and said that I should have one too.  So I registered a free domain name – – and pointed that at some free webspace that came with my Dad’s dial-up internet connection (with permission… I think), and wrote my first blog.  If memory serves, it said something along the lines of ‘hey, I’ve got a blog, not sure what to write here, but we’ll see how it goes’.  Once the bug had bitten, there was no stopping me.

That first blog was a straight HTML page.  I edited the HTML, probably in Notepad, put the latest post at the top of the page, and re-uploaded the file.  Simple but effective.  But over time it became a little unwieldy.  So Phill got me to beta-test his PHP-MySQL blogging system that he’d been tinkering with, and that opened up a lot more options.  Before long though I felt it necessary to migrate to something more substantial, made the move to WordPress (importing my old blog posts), and have been a blogging sensation ever since.  Well, maybe not the sensation bit.

But now, an ominous cloud hangs on the horizon.  A tiny ripple out at sea that has the potential to grow into a tidal wave that will rip through all that once was safe and secure.  My wife has a blog.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve not exactly discouraged her, after all.  Quite the opposite.  I can hear the words echoing round the doldrums of my memory even now – “you should get a blog too”, I said.  How strange, then, that I should feel so threatened, so intimidated that she’s finally taken my advice.  Okay, that’s perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I’m well known for those.  Even the Queen knows about my exaggeration.  Oh no, wait, there I go again.  Anyway, where was I…

So far (as of 18th April 2010), there is only one post.  There is no apparent content to it, it’s just a rambling mess of an introduction.  And as rambling introductions go, it’s brilliant.  I love the irony of this seemingly endless inward debate about where to begin, even more so because it actually finishes without officially starting.  Inspired.  Take a read, if you will.

She tells me she doesn’t know what to write about yet.  That’s fair enough.  I didn’t know what to write about when I first started.  I suppose there are two schools of thought on blogging: some use it as an online diary, documenting their lives in varying detail; others use it to talk about ideas, ideals, inventions, and other interesting things beginning with ‘i’.  I have grown into one of the latter.  To put it another way, I see myself as more of a columnist than a reporter.  It will be interesting to see which way my wife wanders as she walks the road of a blogger.  Maybe she’ll talk about ideas she has for plays and sketches.  Maybe she’ll tell everyone what our son is getting up to.  Maybe she’ll complain about how her husband doesn’t do any housework.  Maybe she’ll reveal my own deep, dark secrets.  Maybe she’ll become a more prolific blogger than me.  Maybe the tables will turn and I will be shoved off the podium as the primary blogger in the household.  Can you sense my fear and dread and trepidation and fear?  Oh wait, I said ‘fear’ twice.  It’s clearly important.

Maybe I’m getting paranoid about nothing.  Maybe, after all, it is possible for two bloggers to live in peace and harmony under the same roof.  Maybe we’ll blog in different directions, with different writing styles, with different audiences, and there will never be any crossover and everything will be fine.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, feel free to read my wife’s blog from time to time.  But not all the time, and not at the expense of reading my blog.  I’ve spent years building up my readership, I would hate for either of you to desert me…

4 thoughts on “The Competition

  1. Oh, I am now so torn. Two friends, two blogs how will I ever cope.

    Thing is, I just read ed’s blog and you are right, it is a brilliant rambling mess filled with modern irony and the meaningful pointlessness that has taken over our modern lives (or something like that).

    Anyway, I found it hilarious and then came over here to see if you could come close to matching it. Problem is, you did and I ended up laughing at this one as much as I laughed at the other one.

    So I’m now torn with what to do. Surely I can’t follow both Blogs? Can I?

    PS- I am also slightly annoyed that you’re both funnier than I am.


  2. Also, carrying on from my previous comment because apparently you only have so much room you can use to comment in…

    Should you end up arguing over this, all we will have to do is follow it on your blogs and get both sides of the story at the same time. That’s brilliant and shows the wide uses for modern technology.

    Oh, and if things go seriously wrong, can I sue you both for custody of your son?


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