Recording day 6: the clear-up

Today was the last day of recording.  I methodically went through each song, checking to see whether there was anything else that needed recording or re-recording, and generally listening to the result of my hard work this past week.  I re-did the vocal part for Jesus your name is higher, and put some solo guitar bits into Father God you reign – that was the hardest part actually, since solo electric guitar is arguably the musical discipline I’m least proficient at, that being the most recent string added to my already-brimming bow.  As a result, I had to do a lot of practice to get a solo riff I was happy with, and even then it took at least 4 takes to get a clean recording of it.  A little frustrating, to be honest, and clearly the area I need to work on most.

Once that was done, it was time to pack up camp.  To start with, everything was unplugged.  Then cables were coiled and separated into groups depending on which part of the house they needed to end up in.  Then the computer was taken upstairs, followed by all its related peripherals and cabling.  The guitars and keyboard were put back in their corner, in cases where appropriate.  The microphone was put back in its case, the pre-amp was put back in its bag, and all the remaining cables put back in their respective homes.

Of course, that left quite a lot of empty floor, which showed itself to be noticeably less empty than it should have been – but nothing a good hoover wouldn’t sort out.  So I hoovered the whole house (more or less), just for good measure.  After all, my Dad is coming round this evening and my wife is coming back tomorrow, so the house ought to look presentable for them, if only to prove that I can look after myself.  Furniture was put back in place, windows were opened to let in some fresh air, a mug of tea was brewed, and I finally sat down to watch Doctor Who in the evening.

So, all in all, a fantastic week.  I have missed my wife a lot, perhaps more than I expected to, and the occasional phone calls and Skype video calls have been lovely but at at the same time a reminder that they weren’t at home, which in some ways made it more difficult.  Still, the ultimate aim of giving me a nice quiet house to record in was achieved and much appreciated, and I look forward to editing all those track down at some point and creating some finalised tracks for the album.  And putting them into some sort of order.  And then designing some cover art.  And running off a load of CDs.  And working out how to sell them.  And investigating whether I can sell them online as well.  So still plenty to do!

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