In his father’s footsteps

Apart from his delivery date, Samuel has always been early.  He was wide eyed and taking things in right from the very start.  He was on his tummy lifting his head fairly early, relatively speaking.  He was sitting early.  He was standing early.  He was walking his way around the furniture early.  It’s as if time just isn’t moving quickly enough for him.

I say “early” – that may be a slight exaggeration.  In the grand scheme of things he’s not altogether ground-breakingly early, he’s just right at the very early end of the scale for each of those developmental milestones.  Physically, Samuel is hitting his targets earlier than most of his contemporaries, which makes me very proud.

And now he’s started to walk.

It all started about a week and a half ago, when we were all sat on the floor in the lounge having a Skype video chat with my mother-in-law.  As we chatted, Samuel stood, mesmerised by the moving picture of the face he knew to be his grandma.  And, to our astonishment, he took a few small steps away from us and towards the computer.  On his own.  Unaided.  Not holding onto anything.  We almost didn’t notice the first time, it seemed so natural, but then he did it another few times.  Samuel didn’t appear to be noticing it for himself, he was just trying to readjust his standing position to be closer to the computer, which I guess is the basic principle of walking, just without the conscious deliberation behind it.

Then, typically, I went away for a few days and didn’t see him.  Last time we were separated for any length of time was when Ellie and Samuel went up to Gloucester to visit, and the day before Samuel decided to start crawling.  Yet again, the day before I go away, he learns something new.  I had to wait an agonising four days before I could see his progress.  I came home from my conference half expecting him to be running around the house…

He’s still a bit cautious, and doesn’t go very far, but he’s beginning to realise now what he’s doing.  He can walk a good few paces before he overbalances, and is getting quite excited about it.  Trouble is, when he’s excited he has a tendency to jump up and down, which isn’t really conducive to walking steadily and not falling over!  He’ll get there, with practice, but I’m so proud of my son and his achievement.  He’s 10 months old.  He’s beaten me to that milestone – I was 11 months when I started walking.  There’s no stopping him now!

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