Shiny and new (part 1)

One of the nice things about bank holidays is that you get a little more time.  Not a lot, necessarily, but some.  And that can make all the difference.  For instance, the bank holiday last Friday (for the Royal Wedding) meant that we got to do a few things that would ordinarily have had to wait until Saturday.  Doing them on Friday gave us more time on Saturday to do other things instead, which just makes everything a bit more special.

In my case, I spent Saturday afternoon washing the car.  I’m ashamed to say that’s the first wash the car has had since I bought it about a year ago.  But don’t tell my grandparents, they still think I take good care of my cars.  As you might guess, there was a considerable build-up of dirt, especially on the boot and the bottoms of the doors.  And a Vauxhall Zafira is considerably bigger than a classic Mini.  Which is why I’d had to psych myself up for the ordeal.

I started by setting up the garden hose (which Samuel found fascinating) and dousing the car in water, just to try and loosen some of the dirt a bit.  Then out came the bucket and sponge.  This is where I came across my first problem – I’m not actually tall enough to do the whole of the roof.  I did the best I could, but there is actually still a strip along the middle of the roof where I couldn’t reach.  I didn’t take that into account when I bought the car.

The back of the car was a bit of a challenge, just because of the amount of dirt that was there.  I would wipe across with my sponge, and even with one stroke I’d be wiping with dirty water.  It took several attempts to get it all off, and even then it was still streaky with slightly grubby watermarks.  Nor could I get all the grime off around the rear wheel arches or the front bumper.  It’s a lot better than it was, that’s for sure, but it wouldn’t compare to the perfect shine I always strived for with Neddy.  Still, one consolation with it being a newer car is that if the body panels aren’t made of metal they can’t rust.

So now we have a nice shiny clean car.  Not quite as-new, but close enough for now.

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