Come back to me

So you think I don’t remember when you said you’d follow me
years ago when you were young and innocence was free
when the sun was always shining as you made your memories
nobody stood against you, it was easy to believe
But now that all that water’s passed beneath a bridge or two
you’ve told yourself it’s all a game so you don’t face the truth
Somewhere along the road you’ve taken all the wrong advice
and now you find you’re even more alone

Come back to me 
Come back to love 
Come back to where you should always have been 
Come back to me 
My grace is enough 
I want you to see 
I would move mountains for you 

So you think that you are too far gone and nothing could be done
you’ve stayed away and lived your life, but always on the run
Do you think that I don’t see what you have said and what you’ve done
you think you’ve burned your bridges, passed the point of no return
We both know you haven’t lived exactly to my plan
you’ve given your excuses thinking I won’t understand
But there’s nowhere you could run that I have not already been
take my hand and let me lead you home


There’s a price that must be paid to bring you back to me
it’s more than you could bear, that’s why I paid it on the tree
no sin too great, no path too far that you could not return
just take my hand and I will guide you home


(C) Matthew Dawkins 2013


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