Tidying the garage, and indecision

Last night I spent a few hours out in the garage, planning out where my model railway is going to go. Based on my mock-up in the sitting room, it’s going to need a base board around 1m x 2.4m. I got my tape measure out, and that’s going to take up rather a lot of my garage! And it’s not exactly empty as it is.

So I set about reorganising the contents of the garage, putting things more neatly into corners, throwing out some rubbish, and generally trying to work out how I’m going to fit everything in. You probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but it is now a lot tidier – in places.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about wiring, referring to this excellent page – it’s not pretty, but it is incredibly useful. I need to buy some parts, probably from my nearby East Somerset Models, or possibly eBay, but it should be fairly straightforward. It’s just a lot to get to grips with, all of a sudden! What makes it even more complicated is that I’m suffering from indecision – I keep coming up with alternative track designs, or variations on what I had before, and I can’t decide which one to go with. I keep moving the sidings around, trying to make more space for stations. But I also want the layout to make sense, which means that something needs to happen in those sidings. I’d like to have a small industry or something, so that I can legitimately transport something from A to B, ideally without requiring the passenger train to be taken off the layout.

And then this morning I found this layout on the SCARM website. Yes, it’s for a different scale, but it shows a slightly different way of adding variation into an oval. It’s got room for a nice station (though only one), plus an industry (transporting lumber from the woods to a sawmill). I might have to get the track into the sitting room again so I can play with this idea. The SCARM software looks tempting too, I might have to download that as well!

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