Base board built and installed

Bank holiday weekends are the traditional time for DIY.  So, not wanting to disappoint tradition, I set out on Saturday to my local DIY store to buy lots of wood.  And nails.  And tools.  And then put them all together to make a base board for my model railway.

I had fairly carefully planned out my layout already, so I knew exactly how big I would need the base board to be.  I also knew that the total surface area of the board would be bigger than I’d fit in my car, so I deliberately bought it in two sheets of chipboard rather than one.  My plan also included a supporting structure underneath to provide rigidity and a little more height, and I bought some wood for that too.  So on a hot Saturday afternoon, I constructed my base board.

Sunday afternoon saw me back out in the garden, this time attaching legs.  For anyone else wanting to do likewise, Ikea sells table legs individually at £2.50 each.  And, at the Bristol Ikea at least, they have an area in their car park where they put all their ‘waste’ wood – from items that have been broken or damaged – which they’ll let you take away for free.  I picked up a few pieces, and I’ve used that to make the corner pieces that the legs screw onto.

So after a lot of hard work, including teaching myself how to use a circular saw (thankfully no accidents!), I now have a model railway base board installed in my garage, ready and waiting for the next step in the process.  The garage looks tidier now than it’s ever done.  I’ve got some more track pieces in the post too, to fill in the remaining gaps, and then I can start thinking about wiring!

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