Scenery paint test

Today I started testing out some paint for my model railway scenery. I bought a little pack of acrylic paints off eBay last week – not nearly enough to cover the entire layout, but enough to test out a few colours on an offcut.

Bottommost on the picture opposite is green, applied pretty much neat to the blue styrofoam. As you can see, it’s come out rather lurid! I did also try applying some fine sand to the mix to add some texture, but I don’t think that’s worked very effectively.

In the middle is a road, which is just black paint. It’s only one layer thick, and it’s cracked in a few places where it’s particularly thin, so if you look carefully you can see the blue underneath. On the other hand, it does give the impression of some texture. The white lines were done with a white pen I found in Hobbycraft at the weekend, and the kerbs are white acrylic paint applied with a brush, slightly watered down.

At the top you’ll see another experiment, which worked out rather well. It started off as an earthy brown, but was put on a little weak and didn’t look particularly convincing in one layer. So then I stippled green on top, which resulted in a pretty good grass effect. It’s flat, obviously, but as a base it’s quite acceptable. I do have some scatter grass left over from my old layout, which I’ll experiment with at some point, but the paint will provide a good starting point.

What I haven’t done yet is work out a good base for the track bed. I’ll need to do some more experimenting. In the meantime, I know that I’ll need a lot of brown paint, as I’ll be using that as a base coat underneath pretty much everything. And a big brush, otherwise it’ll take forever. I think it’s finally time to start sticking the styrofoam boards down and get painting!

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