LocoSound – sound effects for DC model railways

LocoSound is now available for mobile devices (no installation required) to provide sound effects for DC model railways.

We all know there are plenty of options for adding realistic sound to a DCC layout, but for those of us using traditional analogue DC technology our options have typically been slim to nonexistent. That’s where LocoSound comes in. It’s a simple web app that runs in your browser, offering realistic(ish) sound effects coupled to simple but effective on-screen controls.

Launch LocoSound Now

Obviously there is no connection between your device and your DC controller, so you’ll need to manually control both at the same time to achieve realism. It may also be worth connecting your device to a speaker mounted somewhere around your layout for better sound quality and position.


Some ambient environment sounds are available, which play on loop. Currently available is an English countryside sound and some general conversational chatter that would well for a small station platform. More may be added in time.

Steam loco

A recording of an A1X Terrier has been used to create a series of sounds suitable for a small tank engine.

Diesel loco

A simple diesel engine sound is included.

One thought on “LocoSound – sound effects for DC model railways

  1. Hi
    Just discovered the Locosound webpage.
    An excellent concept. Absolutely ideal for my layout.
    Are you developing this any further? Letting people add their own ambient sounds?


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