Moving up in the world

Astute readers will recall that on Saturday I went to see a Zafira, which I had decided was the next type of car we needed.  It's a logical progression really.  The first car I owned was a Ford Fiesta.  I wanted a Mini, but I was fresh out of uni and couldn't afford one, so … Continue reading Moving up in the world

I didn’t buy a car today

As many of you will probably know, I'm a bit of a Mini fanatic.  My darling Lulu, the little red Mini City I learnt to drive in, was an inspiration.  Neddy, the little blue Mini Sidewalk, was a joy.  Sad was the day when I said good bye to the days of carefree invigorating driving … Continue reading I didn’t buy a car today

Road rage

I've been doing a lot of driving recently.  This past week I drove from Somerset to Essex for a meeting in Chelmsford, and then back again.  The previous week I did almost the same journey for a meeting in Maldon.  Both times I went up the night before and stayed overnight in Colchester with some … Continue reading Road rage

Apparently Stig

F is for Fast Ferrari but also for Falsity It has been said that the internet is one of the greatest inventions of the modern age, having transformed the way we live our lives from communication to business.  It allows us to book train tickets, purchase computers, and communicate with friends and family, all without … Continue reading Apparently Stig