Being holey

No, that's not a spelling mistake, I didn't mean "holy".  Nor did I mean "wholly" (not least because that would make the sentence incomplete).  I do actually mean holey, as in having a hole.  Yes, dear readers, I have a hernia. There's a hole in my abdomen, dear Liza, dear Liza, There's a hole in … Continue reading Being holey

Why I’m not watching the World Cup

I had decided well before it all kicked off (ahem) that I wouldn't be watching the World Cup matches this year.  In fact, I could have told you that this time last year.  It's not that I despise my country, it's not that want to bring down popular culture, I just have absolutely no interest … Continue reading Why I’m not watching the World Cup

Bring on the snow

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing.  Not your piddly little microscopic snowflakes, oh no, these were gargantuan, monolithic, ping-pong ball sized snowflakes.  In little more than thirty minutes the ground, nay everything, was covered in a light carpet of snow.  And then it stopped.  Predictable, I suppose.  Still, with the temperatures hovering at the zero mark … Continue reading Bring on the snow