80,000 miles and a new computer

Christmas came early this year. Though not in the way you might expect. Since Ellie will be working all through the Christmas period we won't be able to go visiting people then, so we drove down to Torquay to see my parents this weekend, to catch up and see people before things get manic here. … Continue reading 80,000 miles and a new computer


For some time now Neddy has been having problems starting.  Despite a longish run the battery would be flat, and the engine would hardly turn over.  Most of the time there has still been just about enough charge to start the engine, if reluctantly, but there have also been a couple of times when it's … Continue reading Charge!

Hunt the clunk

Yesterday evening I went round to my friend Aaron's house so we could fit new lower ball joints to Neddy, having replaced the upper ones previously. In case I hadn't already said elsewhere, Neddy has been making a rather disconcerting clunking noise when accelerating, and I had thought it was the upper ball joint, but … Continue reading Hunt the clunk

Picture this

On Sunday afternoon I was a mobile recording studio, recording the drum parts for the Rooted album I've been working on.  This evening I was a photographer, taking photos of a dance / movement performance for one of Ellie's friends.  It was a challenge, simply because there was so much movement - no one stayed … Continue reading Picture this