Don’t feed the pigeons

This is a short story I wrote on the way back from London.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!   As he stepped onto the platform the low, persistent rumble of the train was replaced by an altogether more muddled and frenetic ambiance. London. Liverpool Street station reverberated to the sound … Continue reading Don’t feed the pigeons

2011 round-up

Now that it's 2012, and I have a little spare time before I go back to work, I thought this would be a suitable opportunity to reflect on the past year and summarise what I've been up to. Family Ellie's operation Ellie gave us a bit of a scare earlier this year.  What started off … Continue reading 2011 round-up

Overdoing it

I love living in the countryside.  There is warm sense of satisfaction in seeing tractors parked in the Co-op car park, of hearing cows mooing in a nearby field early in the morning, of the pungent smell of fresh manure wafting from the farm down the road, of knowing that rush hour traffic consists of … Continue reading Overdoing it