Lego Build Day 5

Slowness of work and lack of motivation to find it (no doubt caused by my cold) meant that mid-afternoon today I gave up staring at my computer and went and got productive with the Lego instead.  I say "productive", some might argue that building a Lego car doesn't quite count as there is no ultimate … Continue reading Lego Build Day 5

Lego Build Day 4

It's day 4 of the build, and that can mean only one thing - starting off by taking it all apart again.  Yes, I decided that the front subframe just will not do.  So, in an effort to make the front end more realistic I decided to move the engine so that it was on … Continue reading Lego Build Day 4

Lego Tumbler

When Christopher Nolan decided to shoot a new Batman film in 2005, one of the most iconic components of the design was the Batmobile.  Over the years it's been seen in all sorts of guises, and by today's standards most have been cheesy and unbelievable.  The 'Tumbler' was different, having a back-story of its own, … Continue reading Lego Tumbler