Manningtree Vehicle Show

Sunday it was supposed to rain.  At least, that's what the weather report said on Thursday.  By the time it got to Sunday morning the MET office had revised its decision and said that it wasn't going to rain.  But it was going to be grey and misty and cloudy and miserable.  And it was.  … Continue reading Manningtree Vehicle Show

Where did ‘one’ go?

Yesterday, without warning, 'one' railways suddenly ceased to exist. In its place are platforms decked out with "National Express East Anglia" logos and posters, and trains in a new livery. Overnight, it seems, the company was taken over, everything changed, and no one seems to know what's going on. In fact, so new is this … Continue reading Where did ‘one’ go?

News to me

This weekend saw my friend Anne-Marie's Christmas play 'While You Were Sleeping' performed at her home church in Bexleyheath.  This has been a regular gig for several years, and I've helped out the past few years with graphics and posters and suchlike.  This year I was asked to design posters, put the programmes together, and … Continue reading News to me