Moving window controls in Ubuntu 10.04

When it comes to computers, I like my operating system to look pretty.  I have always loved Mac OS for its clean lines, sensible visual layout, its strong adherence to usability standards and conformity, and in the latest versions its sheer functional beauty.  Windows 7 brings a level of maturity to the Microsoft's offering, but … Continue reading Moving window controls in Ubuntu 10.04

Samsung Tocco Lite review

About a month ago I bought a brand new Samsung Tocco Lite, otherwise known as the S5230.  I'm ashamed to admit that it was bought from Phones4u, against my better judgement, but I guess we all make mistakes every now and then.  I had actually only gone into the shop to have a look, and … Continue reading Samsung Tocco Lite review

New laptop!

Yes, I've bought myself a laptop.  A brand new laptop, no less.  Running Vista.  Am I mad?  Well, no more than usual, it seems.  Because despite the overwhelming evidence supporting the idea that I was just jealous because two of my friends had also bought new computers recently (and my wife has a better mobile … Continue reading New laptop!