Cooking with Julie and Julia

No post today about Lego.  One my wife's old school friends is with us for the weekend, so the Lego has been diligently packed away and hidden in the garage again until it's safe to resume my private geekiness.  Unless I suddenly lose all interest overnight, I expect the boxes will reappear on Monday evening, … Continue reading Cooking with Julie and Julia

Apparently Stig

F is for Fast Ferrari but also for Falsity It has been said that the internet is one of the greatest inventions of the modern age, having transformed the way we live our lives from communication to business.  It allows us to book train tickets, purchase computers, and communicate with friends and family, all without … Continue reading Apparently Stig

Lego Tumbler

When Christopher Nolan decided to shoot a new Batman film in 2005, one of the most iconic components of the design was the Batmobile.  Over the years it's been seen in all sorts of guises, and by today's standards most have been cheesy and unbelievable.  The 'Tumbler' was different, having a back-story of its own, … Continue reading Lego Tumbler