Code quality matters

We've all been there. Time is short, so just bash out a bit of code, and as long as it works we can move on. Code is for computers anyway, right? Who cares what it looks like? Actually, how our code is formatted can totally save our bacon later, and save us time in the … Continue reading Code quality matters

Jesus’ authority

This is a sermon preached at St Peter & St Paul Shepton Mallet on┬áMark 11:27 - 12:17. Jesus enters our lives, as he entered Jerusalem, with authority. Our response should be submission. We should find our identity in him, the anchor in the storm, defining ourselves first and foremost as children of God. We should … Continue reading Jesus’ authority

Landscaping with styrofoam boards

I want a hilly landscape for my model railway, sculpted from polystyrene foam (styrofoam). I went for a super-cheap solution - under-floor heating insulation! There are many forum posts and YouTube videos recommending various approaches to creating rolling landscapes for model railways. Most of them still rely on the track itself being directly attached to … Continue reading Landscaping with styrofoam boards