Interactive SVG map

I recently needed to present a map on a website so that visitors could choose their region (i.e. a group of countries, which could be arbitrary) before going into the site. After a little playing around, I settled on a solution that uses an SVG map of the world, and used CSS and Javascript to highlight … Continue reading Interactive SVG map

Code quality matters

We've all been there. Time is short, so just bash out a bit of code, and as long as it works we can move on. Code is for computers anyway, right? Who cares what it looks like? Actually, how our code is formatted can totally save our bacon later, and save us time in the … Continue reading Code quality matters

pShadow – a jQuery extension for gorgeous drop shadows

What's pShadow? pShadow, short for 'paper shadow', is a jQuery extension that adds realistic drop shadows to HTML elements, which works in Internet Explorer (IE8, IE7, IE6 with some clever trickery), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and any other modern browser you care to mention.  It's free to download and use, and you can see an … Continue reading pShadow – a jQuery extension for gorgeous drop shadows