GLOO – structuring your CSS

Back in the day, I had all my CSS in one file. Then I discovered Sass, and started separating everything out into different files. Today, I have a tried-and-tested approach to structuring my CSS to ensure it's tidy, powerful and easy to use. I call it GLOO, which stands for Globals, Layout, Objects and Overrides. … Continue reading GLOO – structuring your CSS

Using custom HTML attributes to define CSS state

TL;DR If an element should only have one state at a time, don't use classes, use custom attributes. <div class="tile" data-theme="dark">...</div> .tile[data-theme="dark"] {...} The old way Those of us who have been using off-the-shelf CSS frameworks for a few years will be familiar with the idea of using classes to define an element's properties. For … Continue reading Using custom HTML attributes to define CSS state