WordPress vs. CraftCMS

I've known and loved WordPress for years, and I've used it personally and professionally for a number of projects. But a friend recently introduced me to CraftCMS, and suggested it might be better. The only way to find out is to try them both out and compare! For the purpose for this comparison, I'm creating … Continue reading WordPress vs. CraftCMS

How to make an object oriented WordPress plugin

If you're thinking of creating a WordPress plugin, whether small or large, for your own use or the whole world to benefit from, it's important to start right.  Most of the example code on the WordPress documentation shows the functionalities in a procedural layout, because that makes it easier to explain.  But best practice is to … Continue reading How to make an object oriented WordPress plugin

Blog update

Just quick note to say that I have updated my blog template to the new design I've been working on.  It's not quite finished yet, and there are some links that won't work yet, but I'm out this evening so those things will have to be added tomorrow.  The basic functionality is there though, and … Continue reading Blog update